Qatar Chapter

The council of the Institution of the Engineers of India established on an overseas chapter in the State of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf in July 1991 for the benefit of its members residing and practising engineering profession in Qatar. The jurisdiction of the Qatar Chapter shall be the geographical boundaries of the State of Qatar. The Qatar Chapter operates under the sponsorship of the Indian Embassy in Qatar and under the patronage of the Ambassador of India.

The aims and objectives of the chapter are to promote the general advancement of engineering and to facilitate exchange of opinion and ideas in engineering profession amongst Members of the Qatar Chapter and for that purpose

  • To promote co-operation and co-ordination among all Members residing in the State of Qatar and between the Chapter and the Headquarter of the Institution in India.
  • To establish, subsidise, promote, form and maintain Local Associations of members belonging to the Institution and others engaged or interested in Engineering so as to assure, to each individual member as far as possible, equal opportunity to enjoy the rights and privileges of the Institution.
  • To diffuse among its members information on all matters affecting Engineering and to encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information connected therewith by establishment and promotion of lectures, discussions or correspondence; by holding conferences; by the publication of papers, periodicals or journals, books, circulars and maps or other literary undertaking; by encouraging research works; by the formation of a library or libraries, and collection of models, designs, drawings and other articles of interest in connection with Engineering or otherwise howsoever.
  • To boost the image and morale of the Members.
  • To promote provide opportunities for technical education and continuous professional advancement for Members.
  • To represent the interests of Members with the Government of the State of Qatar and its statutory/regulatory bodies.
  • To do all such other acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any objectives or any one of them in accordance with the bye-laws of the Chapter and the laws and customs of the State of Qatar.
  • To encourage inventions and investigate and make known their nature and merits.
  • To arrange and promote the adoption of equitable forms of contracts and other documents used in Engineering and to encourage the settlement of disputes by arbitration and to act as or nominate arbitrators and umpires on such terms as in such cases as may seen expedient.
  • To promote efficiency and just and honourable dealing and to suppress malpractice in Engineering.
  • To do all such other acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
  • In order to achieve the above objectives, the Chapter undertakes the following activities:
  • Conduct technical seminars, workshops and symposia in a year covering various disciplines.
  • Promote and conduct examinations prescribed by the Institution.
  • Provide technical bulletins and books to Members through the common library and reading room facilities.
  • Observe Engineer’s Day in the month of September every year.
  • Publish at least one technical journal in a year.
  • Promote corporate membership of the Institution amongst the engineers in Qatar.


On the initiative taken by Mr. John Mathew and Mr. Animesh Sarkar, a group of engineers met in Ramada Hotel to discuss about the possibility and usefulness of establishing an overseas Chapter of “The Institution of Engineers (India)” in Qatar on March 9, 1990.

After useful discussions it was noted that in the absence of any professional body operating in Qatar, establishment of an overseas chapter of IEI in Qatar would have the following benefits:

1. It would provide a platform for technical interactions among the engineering community of Qatar.

2. It would provide facilities for the continuous professional development of the engineering community of Qatar

3. It would provide support services for acquiring professional membership of IEI by the engineers in Qatar.

4. It would provide facilities for the engineers in Qatar to publish their technical papers.

5. It would provide opportunities for greater interaction between the Indian Engineers and their Qatari counterpart which would help in understanding the standard and excellence of the engineering education and engineering professionalism prevailing in India better and thereby helping Indian Engineers to get due recognition in their professional fields in Qatar.

The engineers present on that day formed a preparatory committee and selected Mr. John Mathew as its Chairman and Mr. Animesh Sarkar as its Secretary. The Engineers authorized Mr. John Mathew and Mr. Animesh Sarkar to pursue the matter with IEI head quarter in Kolkata, India.

A letter of request in this regard was sent by Mr. John Mathew to IEI Head quarter in Kolkata. As Kolkata is the home town of Mr. Animesh Sarkar, it provided an advantage to Mr. Sarkar to personally pursue the matter with the then President and SDG of IEI. Mr. Sarkar’s engineering batch mate and a council member of IEI Prof. Dr. Samiran Choudhuri had rendered important support to Mr. Sarkar to convince the IEI decision making body to approve an overseas Chapter in Qatar. Prof. Dr. SamiranChoudhuri later became President of IEI.

Approval of the Chapter was received in the month of October 1990. However, two constraints had delayed its inauguration such as sponsorship issue as per local regulation and first Gulf war due to Kuwait invasion by Iraq leading total uncertainty and exodus of population. After a lot of exchanges with IEI HQ and Indian Ambassador in Qatar, Indian Foreign Ministry on the request of IEI HQ had authorized Indian Embassy of Qatar to sponsor this overseas Chapter of IEI.

When first Gulf war was over and situation was normalized, the preparatory committee took further initiative to inaugurate the Chapter formally. As a first step, the preparatory committee had organized a meeting of the Indian Engineers in Qatar in the Al – Ghazal Club auditorium of Qatar Petroleum on February 8, 1991. In that meeting, the then Ambassador of India HE Mr. R, C, Shukla had formally announced the news of approval of Qatar overseas Chapter of IEI by IEI HQ and informed the engineers about the processes undertaken by the preparatory committee to inaugurate the Chapter formally.

The first technical seminar was also held in that meeting. The Seminar was presented by Mr. D. G. K. Murti an engineer working with Qatar Petroleum on “Improvement of vessel design for processing of oil and associated gas”.

The preparatory committee then called for a meeting of the available corporate members of IEI in Qatar and met in the house of Mr. S. K. Agarwal an engineer working in Qatar Petroleum to elect its first and founding committee. The committee elected Mr. John Mathew as Chairman, Mr. Animesh Sarkar as Hon. Secretary and Mr. S. K. Agarwal as Hon. Treasurer with eight other committee members.

IEI Qatar Chapter was formally inaugurated on July 26, 1991 by the then President of IEI Mr. P. J. Mehta accompanied by SDG Mr. K. N. Mazumdar.

The duration of this founding committee lasted for three years during which the committee could establish its office, library and reading room and other facilities, engineers data base, membership drive and database, byelaws etc. Since then IEI – Qatar Chapter have been marching in excellence.

All the members of the preparatory committee and the founding committee had contributed greatly in the formation of this chapter but exemplary contributions of Mr. John Mathew, Mr. Animesh Sarkar and Mr. S. K. Agarwal would be ever remembered.

Engineers met in Ramada hotel were:

1. Mr. John Mathew

2. Mr. Animesh Sarkar

3. Mr. S. K, Agarwal

4. Mr. Y. S. Javeri

5. Mr. Bhaskar Mukherjee

6. Mr. M. C. Pragasam

7. Mr. Pradip Kumar Mukherjee

8. Mr. P.K. Gupta

9. Mr. Tarun Kumar Chakraborti

10. Mr. Sujit Kumar Roy

11. Mr. Satish Deshpande